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Tire Rotation & Repair
Rotating your tires means moving them from one side of the vehicle to the other, moving them from front to back or a combination of both. Regular tire rotation helps avoid uneven tire wear that can lead to poor performance and gas mileage.

Some tires need rotated at specific intervals, while others will need rotated depending on the wear. To find out when your tires need rotated, check your vehicle's owner's manual or ask one of our technicians.

Q. Can you patch the sidewall of a tire?
A. For your safety and the safety of others, trash the tire! There is no safe repair for a tire with a damaged sidewall. Absolutely do not attempt to repair a tire with damage to the sidewall. That will be the first place it will fail.

Tire Rotation & Repair
There are three primary considerations when repairing a punctured tire. You need to evaluate the damage the object caused as it punctured the tire, reestablish an airtight seal of the tire's innerliner, and completely fill the path the object took through the tire. Typically a mushroom-shaped patch and plug combination repair is considered to be the best method of repairing a punctured steel belted radial. A correct tire repair seals the innerliner and fills the path of the hole. A combination of patch & plug or a specific "mushroom" patch that combines the functions. The patch on the insides reseals the innerliner to restore air containment and the rubber filler inserted through the hole prevents moisture from reaching the steel belts and body cord.
Patch Only on the Inside
Reseals the innerliner but does not fill the patch of the injury. This allows moisture to follow the path of the hole and reach the steel belts (causing them to rust) and/or the body cord.

String Plug Through the Path of the Hole
Often done as an external repair without inspecting the interior of the tire for damage. Fills the path of the hole, but does not guarantee sealing of the innerliner. This may allow air to escape through the rubber as well as from the tire.
Patch Tire Repair

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